13 February 2015

Learning in today's world.

Why and how do we learn in a world that's so concerned with how others rate us? We teach to the test to gain good standing with our state or institution; we learn to the teacher to get an A; but in the end we fail. We fail ourselves and each other in our expectations - they're literally killing us. Learning doesn't take place through giving a teacher or professor "what he wants" as an answer on a test, but delving into the subjects ourselves and finding what the true meaning is - how it concretely relates to our lives and how we can understand and see such an notion from all points of view. When we look at anything from the single perspective of whoever is above us - whoever gives us our rating - we are killing our minds and we are killing ourselves. We are not thinking, we are mesmerized by memorization. We are not living, we are limiting due to a lie. We are settling for our dreams.

To think is to be alive; to dream is to be alive.

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